Troubleshooting Steps to fix HP Printer Errors

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In most of the cases, the causes of HP printer error are clearly shown on the screen. However, in some cases, you can’t find the causes of an error easily. In such cases, instead of digging into the exact causes of the problem, it is best to try the series of troubleshooting steps that are going to be discussed here as under. If you fail to troubleshoot the printer thereafter, you can contact experts.

Step1: Make sure that the printer wires are properly connected to the power and the computer. If you doubt, disconnect all the cables from the printer and connect them back. Turn on the printer again and check if the error has been resolved or not.

Step2: Check HP printer cartridges and print heads for proper installation. If you have recently changed the printer cartridges and are not properly placed, then you will find a problem. If the ink in the cartridge is low, then it is suggested to refill the same. If there is no ink at all, then replacement is preferred.

Step 3: The printer’s software should be properly installed. The printer software plays an important role when it is connected to the computer. If you are going to print any document from the computer which is connected to the printer, then the printing is possible only if the drivers and software are properly installed. If there is a problem with the software, then uninstall and re-install it.

Step 4: Check if the computer’s firewall is blocking the HP printer from printing jobs. If yes, then go to ‘Firewall preferences’ and add the printer name in the ‘Exception list’. The executable file once entered in the exception list will allow you to use the printer seamlessly with the computer.

Step 5: Check the settings of your HP printer in the software if the pages are not being printed properly. The margins must be set to minimum margins so that the HP printer supports them. Apart from this, the paper settings like size and type of the document you are going to print must be rightly selected in the printer settings. For this, go to the ‘HP solution’ page.

Step 6: Clean and align the cartridges of your printer. Open the printer software or the HP solution center to check the maintenance features.

Step 7: Double click on the printer from the system tray given on the bottom of the screen. Check the ‘Status’ in the ‘Printing queue’ and see if you find any error message there. Start selecting the entries by right-clicking on them and ‘Cancel’ one by one if required.

Step 8: Go to the HP page and search for the error you are getting after entering the printer model number. If you are still getting the same error, then click on ‘Support and troubleshooting’ and tap ‘Solve a problem’. You will find solutions for that HP printer-specific error. Don’t forget to check the ‘Software’ version of the printer installed on the computer.

These are common troubleshooting steps to the issues befalling the HP printer.

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