How to Get Rid of Error TS-02 of Brother Printer?

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The main purpose of spending money on a printer is to get quality prints right from the comfort of home or office. Brother printers are most preferred by users due to their reliability and quality printing. However, sometimes you may report some errors on the machine while trying to print the documents. TS-02 is the most common error in which users of brother printer have come across many times. This error occurs if the printer fails to communicate with the router. There is nothing to worry about, with the steps guided in the post, you can easily get back to the printing.

Reasons for this error code

  • Windows file is corrupted. If the windows installed on your computer is not updated or some files are corrupted, then you may get a TS-02 error on the printer.
  • System files are corrupted or broken.
  • Printer drivers not installed properly/
  • Some files remaining of the deleted hardware from the OS.

Now, coming to the troubleshooting steps to fix error code TS-02 from the Brother’s printer screen.

  1. First of all, check if there is a stable connection established between the printer and the WLAN router.
  2. Connect the computer to the WLAN of the access point or router.
  3. Check the internet speed by performing the speed test or browsing any website.
  4. Try placing the printer close to the router or extender. Sometimes, the obstructions in-between the devices may not allow the device to connect to the internet properly which leads to Error TS-02
  5. The ideal distance between the printer and the router is less than 3.5 feet.
  6. Check if the MAC address filtering option is enabled on the WLAN router or not. If not, then enable it first and connect to the printer now. The same settings must be enabled on the printer as well.
  7. If you don’t know the Mac address of the network, you can check it under the ‘Network configuration list’.
  8. Brother printer uses radiofrequency of up to 4 GHz. If you are trying to connect to a range higher than this, there are chances of getting the error code TS-02 on the brother’s printer.
  9. Use the ‘Setup wizard’ option of your brother printer from the control panel to fix this problem.
  10. Check the radio signal which is being received and used by the printer for communication with other devices. If you want to change the frequency or signal range, then you can do easily from the control panel of it.
  11. Check the SSID to which you are connecting your Brother printer. If the SSID is incorrect, then you will get error code TS-02.
  12. After selecting the right SSID, connect to it by keying-in the right password.
  13. Open the brother printer and restart it from the power button given on it.
  14. Update the printer drivers on your computer by connecting to the website.
  15. Restart your computer and try printing the documents from the printer.
  16. Check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, you can contact the experts.

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